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City Families Can Enjoy Rural Land in Many Ways

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September 29th, 2015

When I was a young boy, I had a blast playing in the creek that ran behind our house in Atlanta, GA. Our twin girls now love running around their grandparents rural land with a large creek.

FullSizeRender[5] A lot of families who live in cities get busy with everyday life and miss out on a huge opportunity to introduce our children to the great outdoors while we also build financial security for our entire family. Over my business career, I’ve grown increasingly concerned about investing all of my hard-earned money only in the stock market. So in 2006, my wife, Diana and I began buying pieces of rural land in Alabama with Dave Milton, our Land Agent, the same year our twin girls were born. Sure we had a few interesting moments during the economic downturn in 2007 & 2008, but we made a profit on all of our land investments. Investing in rural Alabama land has been a successful, conservative financial strategy that our entire family has enjoyed.

DianaGraceMaddieWildflowersMore importantly our twin girls have grown up running around rural Alabama properties and having a lot of fun. They’ve fished on private ponds, kayaked on creeks, picked wildflowers, shot pellet guns at fun metal targets, learned how to shoot their pink bows at an archery target, built forts, collected pine cones for Christmas hearth arrangements, picked up tons of creek bed rocks, skipped stones on ponds and bird watched. Madison and Grace even hunted for turkeys with their Daddy, roasted marshmallows and made double-decker s’mores over a campfire they built with their Mommy, watched deer feed on a green field and enjoyed a lot of other great outdoor adventures.

FullSizeRender[1] There are so many ways to enjoy your investment in rural Alabama land, here’s a few more fun times my family and friends have enjoyed the great outdoors. My younger brother shot his first deer when he was 14 years old on a property we owned and later sold as a mini-farm development not too far from the new Hyundai plant outside of Montgomery, AL. My nephew and his college buddies had a blast hunting on property we owned in New Site, AL. I think those college kids had more fun staying in a travel trailer and cooking steaks over their campfire over iron skillets than sitting in their climbing tree stands hunting for deer.

IMG_6340A close friend and his family float in canoes and fish for stripers on the Tallapoosa River and creeks that feed the Tallapoosa from their property near Wadley, AL every Spring. Several of my friends who live in Birmingham enjoy staying on their own property in a travel trailer or saw-mill wood construction house near Tuscaloosa and going to Alabama Crimson Tide football games. Even more of my friends have purchased land or a Lake House close to Auburn in Lee, Chambers or Tallapoosa counties and are thrilled they have a place to go to after Auburn football games without having to drive back to Atlanta right after the game.

Whether you like to kayak or canoe or hike or hunt or fish or just enjoy the outdoors, rural land in Alabama has something for every family living in cities like Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, etc. Getting away outdoors is a great way to enjoy quality family time, it’s been great for our family and it might be fun for your family too.

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