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A Visit to The Tommy King Pecan Company

Dave Milton

January 22nd, 2016

I visited the Tommy King Pecan Company on state Hwy. 14,  just outside of Notasulga, Alabama right where Macon, Tallapoosa and Lee Counties meet.  Mr. Tommy and Mrs. Rosemary King were very gracious hosts as they gave me a tour of their facility.  The King Family has been in the Pecan business in this area for generations.  They grow their own pecans in local orchards and they buy pecans from other farmers in the area. IMG_0321

The Kings clean their own pecans and they clean for others.  Also, they crack and shell pecans for the public.  They sell candied pecans, peanuts and other local candies and jellies and syrups.  They sell to the general public and they will ship their products also.

Tommy King with a Big Bag of Pecans

Tommy King with a Big Bag of Pecans

Their prices are very reasonable and a little lower than some of the bigger players in the industry.

We talked about how orchards in the area have trees from 100 to one year old and how once the trees get up to over seventy or eighty years in age they begin to lose their productive value.  Desirable, Cape Fear and Elliot are some of the varieties that the Kings say are grown in the area.  One thing about this part of Alabama is that there are many different pecan varieties that do well here.


The Tommy King Pecan company is close to Auburn, Montgomery and Lake Martin.  It is also just a couple of miles from Whipporwill Vineyards and a great little local eatery, Elmers, also right there on Hwy. 14.  If you are looking for a fun afternoon outing, this is a great rural area to tour.  You can have a great lunch at Elmers, then enjoy a bag of pralines from the Kings, while having an sweet glass of desert Muscadine wine from Whipporwill Vineyards just down the road.


The Tommy King Pecan Company is surrounded by many other nice farms and will afford one a scenic drive as they travel through the area.  If you have any other questions about the Kings Pecan business, you can give them a call at 334-257-4117.  They do business the old fashioned way with a handshake and a smile.  Y’all go see them soon; you’ll be glad that you did.

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