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The Land Show Episode 184

The Land Show

April 20th, 2019

Dave and Johnny have some great guests this week on The Land Show:

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Preview of this week’s show

Dave Milton:  Well, Jonathan, it was another great show, man, I tell you I thought it was, you know, very informative and, you know, maybe we didn’t have as much humor as we wanted at the beginning but we brought some great information, didn’t we with our first guest?

Jonathan Goode:  You don’t want a funny guy talking about your money, you want a real stoic guy. But we appreciate Mike Ventry. He’s with Accuplan Benefits Services in Atlanta. Talking about self-directed, individual retirement accounts, purchasing land and real estate, and it is a fascinating concept, and it works well for people that want to buy rural land.

Dave Milton:  It does. Y’all need to check it out. It’s something that everybody needs to know about. And then, we had the big man out roaming around the state. They’re working on poultry farms, Randall Upchurch and Robert King. They were out. Randall brought some great information about different breeds of cattle, and about the history. I didn’t know he was such a historian about where all the cows come from, so that was great.

Jonathan Goode:  Well, he’s an expert in his subject matter for sure. And then we had Brian Watts come on and talk to us about control burns, prescribed burning, and timber stands, and how it improves and benefits the timber and the wildlife. It’s a great management tool, so you’ll want to catch Brian’s segment with that.

Dave Milton:  Yeah, and we always appreciate your questions at, Got Sam from Talladega talked about. He said, “What sort of value does my big creek on my 80 acres add to my property?” We kind of dove deep, we really needed some more information.

Jonathan Goode:  Right.

Dave Milton:  So hopefully, we’ll be able to get with Sam on that. But waterfront can be highly variable, and we talked about that.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, for sure. And then, closed it like we always do with the wild man, Tim Baker. He was stomping around in the Bankhead National Forest, and up there looking today. And then he was talking sweet to those turkeys, you want hear Tim do a-

Dave Milton:  No call with his mouth.

Jonathan Goode:  His calls. Just a natural call. Man, I enjoyed doing the show, as always a good show. You know, I hope y’all will join us again next week for more of the Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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