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The Land Show Episode 438

The Land Show

March 23rd, 2024

This week on The Land Show, our host Jonathan Goode talks with:

  • Tim Olkie, owner of Black Belt Hardware and Outdoors, joins us to talk about their family business in Marion, Alabama. Tim also shares about the upcoming turkey contest that his store is hosting. You can find Tim and his store on Facebook at Black Belt Hardware and Outdoors.

  • Robert King talks about our recent trip to the Realtors Land Institute national conference in Louisville. Robert was recognized as the Regional Broker of the Year in Agribusiness.

  • Travis Jordan, with Alabama Ag Credit, is in studio to talk about some current trends with land loans. Travis also talks about the loan patronage program, where Alabama Ag Credit issues patronage checks to their borrowers next week.

  • William Lyon shares some of his memorable turkey hunting stories with his children on this youth weekend of turkey season. William and Jonathan also discuss a great 76 acre property for sale near Prattville, that has a 13 acre +/- stocked lake.

Thanks to our generous sponsors that make it possible to bring you The Land Show every week: Alabama Ag Credit, Alabama Farmers Federation, Poultry South, First South Farm Credit, The Land Report, LandThink, and LandFlip.

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