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The Land Show Episode 30

The Land Show Episode 30

The Land Show

April 23rd, 2016

This week on The Land Show Dave talks with Brock Ray with Brock’s Hunting Cabins. We encourage you to visit their website at You can get a hunting cabin put on your property for as low as $22,000.

Dave visits the Sweet Pickin’s Farm and talks to the owner, Lewis Tapley. It’s a family affair at Sweet Pickin’s, they produce strawberries, thornless blackberries, and will have peaches this Fall you to pick and enjoy. The strawberries are ripe now so visit them in Dadeville, AL.

Kyle talks about hardwood swamps and why they are great timber investments.
Russ Walters shares some great info on when our favorite row crops are planted in Alabama.

Jonathan Goode, this year’s President of the Real Land Institute and broker with Southeastern Land Group shares what he learned at the AL RLI conference and why it is important to land buyers and sellers in Alabama. It’s also great to know that SELG has two Accredited Land Consultants, it just gives all of us a higher level of comfort. It’s never boring to know that SELG Land Experts will be there for us!

George Mann and Dave talk about great ways to enjoy your own property other than hunting. This and a whole lot more on The Land Show this week.

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