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Wildman/Tim Baker’s Cast Iron Skillet Duck

Wildman/Tim Baker’s Cast Iron Skillet Duck

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March 17th, 2017

Wildman/Tim Baker’s Cast Iron Skillet Duck

Things you need:

10″ Cast Iron Skillet
Glass dish/bowl
8 duck breast halves with skin left on them
1 medium sweet onion (finely chopped)
4 ribs celery (finely chopped)
2 cloves garlic (crushed)
2 tablespoons butter

What to do:

Chop the celery and onions and crush garlic cloves. Set the vegetables aside. Heat skillet over
medium high heat while you lightly pepper and generously salt the duck breasts. Sear the duck
breast skin side down, reducing heat to medium, for 7 minutes. Turn duck breasts and sear for 5
more minutes. Move the duck breast from the skillet into a glass dish.

Add butter to the hot skillet and let it melt into the remaining duck fat. Add all the vegetables to
the skillet and sauté to coat them with fat; then spread the vegetables over the surface of the
skillet and flatten them with a spatula. As the onions begin to turn brown stir the vegetables
and press them flat again until the onions begin to burn. Move the vegetables to one side of the
skillet and add duck breasts back to the skillet. Cover the duck with sautéed vegetables and
duck juices from the glass dish. Remove the skillet from the stove and serve.

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