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The Land Show Episode 189

The Land Show

May 25th, 2019

This week on The Land Show

  • Chuck Sykes, Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, joins us to discuss the recent turkey hunting season, what is happening with wild hogs, and the new baiting bill.
  • Barry Estes, owner of Alabama Hog Control, comes on to talk about wild hog management and the thermal night hunts he guides across Alabama.
  • Cooper Holmes, of Southeastern Land Group, discusses the process of harvesting pine straw for landscaping and a 606 acre property we recently listed in Dallas County.
  • Rick Bourne comes in studio to discuss his dove field preparations and also a lot of new properties coming to the market in Butler County.

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Preview of this week’s show

Dave Milton:  Well, Jonathan, it was another great show, man. I tell ya, it was… We started off with a bang, we had Mr. Chuck Sykes, our Game and Fish Chief for Alabama. Gave us a great update on the turkey season, and we talked about the hogs, we talked about baiting, and really interesting, and moved into your friend.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, always appreciate Chuck coming on, and then we had Barry Estes with Alabama Hog Control coming on, and talked about trapping hogs and then also doing those thermal night hunts that are fun, man. That’s an awesome thing. Go to or check out their Facebook page to see all of that info. And then we went back to West Alabama.

Dave Milton:  Yeah, man. It was. I tell you, Cooper Holmes is a new agent with Southeastern Land Group. His family’s been farming over there in southern Parrott County for years and years and years. Beautiful farm there in Folsom. And we talked about the pine straw business and the Long Leaf Pine Program and farming pine straw. It was very, very, very interesting. And then we had the ol’ big man stumble in the studio. I think he got lost somewhere coming from Grainville. And Rick, you brought some great information about the dove field. Give us a quick tip.

Rick Bourne:  Yeah, you know. Quick tip is, the time is now. You know, like I said, we’re just over 3 months away from dove season, so, you know, if you’re thinking about a field, it’s the time to be out there working and getting things ready.

Jonathan Goode:  And I think you made a great point with the long season, we need to do things to keep food there all the way into January.

Rick Bourne:  Right.

Jonathan Goode:  Good tip there. Well, y’all, thank you so much for joining us for The Land Show this week. Dave and I always appreciate ya tuning in. If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, go to, check the podcast section. If you’ve got questions, send those to us at Thank you all for being with us this week.

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