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The Land Show Episode 187

The Land Show

May 11th, 2019

This week on The Land Show:

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Preview of this week’s show

Dave Milton:  Well, Jonathan, I really enjoyed this show today. We had Jay Grantland on, the Executive Director for the Alabama Scenic River Trail. And that was just fascinating. That 650 mile race, wasn’t it?

Jonathan Goode:  That’s gonna be exciting, yeah. A race from the Georgia line all the way to Fort Morgan and Mobile Bay. I mean that, and $20,000 on the line. That’s a lot of money for a canoe race, for sure.

Dave Milton:  Oh yeah, yeah. And it, you know, then we rolled on into the big man, Randall Upchurch, always bringing great information, talking about new poultry farms. They’ve got some new poultry farms in their family. Miss Haley Upchurch works for Southeastern Estates. She and her family, started a new poultry farm. You know, that was exciting. And then we, you know, we had a new sponsor!

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right! We’ve got Mike Ventry with Accuplan Benefit Services. We appreciate him being a new sponsor of the show.

Dave Milton:  Yeah, we don’t have him on the chart here, but here’s his card. We’re gonna get you up there next week. We’ll have you up there next week.

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right, we’ll have you up there next week. But for people that are wanting to do self-directed and individual retirement accounts and to make those types of investments into real estate, Mike can certainly help you. And he’s somebody that I’ve used personally. And so Mike’s a great, he’s a great guy. And we appreciate him being a sponsor of the show.

Dave Milton:  Yeah, and then we closed it out, you know, with the Tim Baker show. And it was, Tim brought some great information about traditional canoe making. I knew Tim had to have made his burned out canoe.

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right.

Dave Milton:  He made a traditional poplar burned out canoe. We talked about that traditional canoe, and then canoe members there at North Alabama. And it was a tremendous show. We just encourage you to listen to the rest of the show. And thanks for listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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